Carolina Bowling Center

32325 Ave. Roberto Sanchez Vilella 
Carolina, PR  00983-3032 
(787) 257-4305


Carolina Bowling Center hosts all type of bowling leagues; from beginners to amateur to National Team players.  Additionally, we have Bowling Clubs and Leagues that travel to other countries representing our country.

Join one of our bowling leagues or clubs to learn and practice the sport while having lots of fun.

You may sign-up by calling 787-257-4305 or press here to access the League Sign-Up Form.

Press here to see our League Standings!

Monday Night Fever

Club Los Amigos

Liga Policía

Club Bola Negra

Bowler's Zone Trio

Los Intocables

Odd Couples

Los Desertores



Liga Perry Velasco

Borinken Couples

Liga Crazy Fridays

Carolina Young Bowlers

PR Strike Force

Borinquen Deaf League

Liga Sabatina Banco Popular

Saturday Night Strikers

Caribe Bowling Club

Family Bowling League

Mon 8:30pm - 11:00pm

Tue  6:00pm - 8:30pm

Tue  6:30pm - 8:30pm

Tue  8:00pm - 10:00pm

Tue  8:45pm - 10:45pm

Bi-Weekly Wed 6:00pm - 8:30pm

Wed 8:30pm - 10:30pm

Wed 8:30pm - 10:30pm

Thu   7:00pm - 9:30pm

Bi-Weekly Thu 6:30pm - 9:00pm

Thu   8:00pm - 10:00pm

Fri     6:45pm - 9:45pm

Fri     7:00pm - 9:30pm

Sat  10:00am - 12:00pm

Sat    1:00pm - 3:30pm

Sat    3:30pm - 5:00pm

Sat    6:00pm - 8:30pm

Sat    6:00pm - 8:30pm

Sat     6:00pm - 8:30pm

Sun    6:00pm - 8:30pm